How to Dress Like a Celebrity

Sep 1, 2015 6:38:26 PM
Have you ever wondered how Mary-Kate, Kirsten, Nicole, and Lindsay look ridiculously good even when running small errands like grabbing coffee?


How to Make a Floral Headdress

Aug 29, 2015 1:29:26 PM
A floral headdress is ideal for weddings and for children's special occasion parties. Here are the instructions for making a floral headdress. This example uses roses, ivy and snowberries and is suitable for flower girls.

This is What I Learned from Going to Seven Weddings Alone

Aug 27, 2015 12:59:10 PM
In some parallel universe, we all take perfect plus ones to every wedding. You may not be dating them, but your date for the night is definitely good-looking, funny, kind, generous, sweet to old ladies, a great dancer, and fun to flirt with for an evening. (Why aren’t you dating them and can I have their number?)

how to plan for a wedding

Aug 22, 2015 1:59:02 PM
Planning a wedding isn't easy. Planning a wedding to happen in 6 months or less is even harder. Here are a few steps that are helpful in planning a fantastic wedding in such a short time.
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