Tips on How to Achieve A Fabulous Bridal Look on the Big Day!

Aug 13, 2015 12:03:47 PM
The wedding dress is definitely the most important part for your big day! There are so many bridal shops, be it online or offline and you may be lost in the ocean of bridal gowns. Today, I’d like to share with you 10 Need-to-know Tips before Purchasing Your Bridal Gown, and hope it would do a little help

1. Know your budget You should know your financial limits before come into the decision. Inflating your budget and putting everyone on the spot will just leave you empty-handed.
2.Keep Location in Mind A ball gown wedding dress is too heavy got the beach or outdoor weddings. You will need a dress that fit the sand but will still look and feel bridal.
3. It´s OK to love the first dress If the bride trust herself, everyone else will fall in love with that first dress too.
4. Say yes and stop shopping Some brides need to confirm that they have made the right choice, but if that choice is second-guessed by her entourage, her confidence can get shaken.
5. Know your silhouette Trying on the wrong silhouette can cause any bride to be discouraged. A dress in a magazine looks different on a model, so go with something that is figure-flattering on you.

6. Trust Your Instincts It can be hard when your friends don’t approve of the dress you love, but when a bride knows what she wants, she has to trust herself
7. Be Open to Alterations It’s important to remember that dresses can be altered. Try to envision the dress on your wedding day when it’s fitted to your body and style!
8. Leave room in the budget for extras Bling isn’t cheap. Anytime you add accessories, customize your look or need alternations, the cost goes way up. So leave some room in the budget for the finishing touches.
9. Be Open to different styles keep your mind open and you may just surprise yourself!
10. Share Your Vision It’s important to share with your friends before purchasing so understand what you are looking for. If they aren’t on the same page, they can send you down the wrong path.

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