Ultimate Guide on Wedding Attire – From Bride to Guests!

Aug 6, 2015 3:40:19 PM

Between varied dress codes (or no dress codes!), destinations, and seasonal requirements, dressing for a wedding can be downright confusing. To shed some light on the topic, I am sharing some inspiration tricks and tips on the big day attire, from bride to guests!

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding
Beach weddings can be tough—you want to look presentable, but not too dressy. After all, sand will be present. The key piece of advice to keep in mind when putting together an outfit to attend a beach wedding is to remember to take advantage of the locale. You aren’t going to some boring old hotel ballroom, you’re going to the beach.

That means flowy dresses, sandals, and fun jewelry.Formal Beach Wedding Dresses IdeaFor that formal beachside wedding, opt for a long Grecian-inspired gown, preferably something in a pattern, and sturdy wedge sandals (yes, it’s a formal affair, but you’re still going to have to walk on the sand). Complete the look with classic jewelry.

Cocktail Beach Wedding Outfit IdeaIf the beach wedding calls for cocktail attire, opt for an embellished cocktail dress and bold jewelry. Sub in the strappy stilettos that you’d normally wear to a cocktail affair for flat metallic sandals.Casual Beach Wedding Outfit IdeaIf the beach wedding is totally casual, you won’t go wrong in a short cotton caftan. Up the look with fancy flat espadrilles and a beaded clutch—you are attending a wedding after all.

Unique Ways To Accessorize a Wedding Dress

Utilize your accessories to create a different look for your reception. You can change from a tiara to a flower crown or something more casual and soft for the reception.

Choose simple jewels for alternative dresses. You’ll have higher necks, sleeves, cowl necks, and things like that. To not take away from that detail of the dress, a classic stud is always a good go-to, whether it’s a pearl or a crystal.Rock a non-traditional shoe. We’re seeing more and more brides put their personality into their shoes, like picking a color to match their bridesmaid dresses. Or wearing blue for something blue.Try wearing a tie-back headband and styling the ribbons however you like. You can have them showing or tuck it into your updo. Can You Wear semi formal dresses to a Wedding, as a guest? When you’re a guest at a wedding, the most important thing to keep in mind is not to upstage or upset the bride.

The goal “of a wedding guest” is to look sleek and appropriate, not over-the-top or high-drama. Black is always a safe option. It’s good for cocktail attire, black tie or even a mid-afternoon garden soiree. Black reads festive and fancy, without an outward cry to “have all eyes on me.” Plus, there’s no chance anyone will mistake you for the lady saying her vows. A simple black slip dress or chic jumpsuit can be dressed up or down depending on your choice of shoes, earrings and clutch. So, think of it this way: black isn’t acceptable for a wedding if the dress is skin-tight, insanely short, wildly low-cut, or appropriate for a night out in Vegas. But then again, neither is any other color.
How to Choose Bridesmaids Dresses
Here is an ultimate guide on how to choose modern wedding party dresses that won’t make your bridesmaids hate you.Select a few styles in a single color and fabric, to give your bridesmaids options. The easiest solution is to choose a few dress styles from the same manufacturer that come in the same color and fabric, that way all of your bridesmaids will ultimately be happy. Some can wear strapless, others one-shoulder dresses, but at the same time the overall look will be cohesive.
Choose various colors, within the same color wheel, and have your bridesmaids go from there. Get inspired by the ombre trend, and choose various colors within the same color theme, hue, or wheel as the starting point for your bridesmaids dresses.Opt for the same style dress in different colors and patterns. Looking to do something a bit quirky with the look of your wedding party? Pick the exact same dress in the different colors of your wedding color palette, to give your bridal party a pop of color.Leave it up to your bridesmaids, with some guidelines, of course. A big trend in weddings is having bridesmaids walk down the aisle in a variety of “little black dresses” that they picked out themselves. Willing to give up the reigns even more?
Simply have your bridesmaids go to town with their dress selection, just make sure to pick at least one aspect of your bridesmaids’ look to unify the group. This could even be a surprising add-on accessory like a statement necklace.Have your bridesmaids form a rainbow. It will make for great photos. Assign each of your bridesmaids a color of the rainbow, and then set them loose to select their own dress. It could be dramatic, romantic, or rustic for the wedding day. If you are confused on what to wear for wedding, be you the bride or a guest, take a look these tips above, and you will definitely have your problems solved!

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