How to Know the Quality of a Diamond

Sep 12, 2015 12:41:27 PM

Diamonds are the luxury embodied. Having jewelry with wedding dress diamonds is a dream of every woman, and every caring and successful man should be able to fulfill it! Ask for a certificate. Every stone should be appraised and issued a certificate. Of course biased appraisers will write whatever boutique owner needs, so certificates should be issued by a respectable authority. Certificate should be up-to-date, as absence of regular appraisal shows some possible issues with the stone.

Do your homework. Stamp GIA on a certificate is not 100% grant it is real. Gemological Institute of America Inc. (GIA) is the world-known facility, trusted by all shop owners and customers. However their certificate appraisal costs quite a sum, while Gemology Institute of America (GIA) is a fake issuing fakes. Do not be fooled by abbreviations, so browse and write down the names of the most popular and trusted appraising companies.


Breathe on it. Take the gem with pincers and breathe on it. Real diamonds disperse moisture at once, so the stone will remain clear. Fakes will have spots of moisture on them and if you breathe on them for some time, it will begin condensing, while real diamond will remain clean.

Heat the stone. As diamonds disperse heat immediately, the real stone will remain cold after heating them by a lighter for 30 seconds. This is a standard check you can and should require to be done in your presence.

Try to look through it. Diamonds are not silicon, they are carbon and their inner structure prevents light from passing through directly – that is why they are so shiny. Place a stone on a paper with a text. If you see only a black spot, this is diamond. In case you see some lines and shapes, this is obviously a fake. Placing a real diamond on a dot on a sheet of paper will result in a black spot visible through it. Fake will show circle instead.


However, buying diamonds is a risky business, as customers are usually not aware of multiple small details, which can change the actual value from thousands to dollars.,with a decorated hodressau.How to know the real quality of a diamond you are about to buy you will know from this article.

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