How to Make a Floral Headdress

Aug 29, 2015 1:29:26 PM
Cut the floral elements:
Leave 1 cm (1/2") of stem for the roses.
Remove all but 2 cm (3/4") of the stem of the ivy leaves.
Cut the sprigs of berries at the base of the main stem. Leave 2 - 3 cm (3/4" - 1") of the woody stem.

Wire the rosebuds:

Pierce the rosebuds with a 15 cm (6") length of rose wire. Feed it completely through the bud at the halfway point.

Holding the bud between the thumb and forefinger, with the wire sticking out of either side, gently bend both wires down, in line with the stem.

Grab one piece of wire and wrap it around the stem and the other piece of wire 4 times. Repeat with all the rosebuds.

Wire the ivy leaves:
Turn the ivy leaf over. Stitch the rose wire through the leaf by the side of the vein.
Gently form a loop with the wire, bending both wires along the line of the stem.
Twist one wire around the stem and second wire. Repeat until all the ivy leaves are wired.

Wire the berry sprigs:
Hold the berries with your thumb and forefinger.
Place the wire behind the soft stems of the sprig of the snowberries.
Gently bend the wire into a loop, bringing both ends down in line with the stem.
Wrap one wire around the other. Repeat until all 12 sprigs of snowberries are wired.

Make a wire circle:
Join two 20 cm (8") stub wires by twisting one end around the other.

Twist the wire into the tape.

To get the exact length of wire needed, measure the wire around the flower girl's head.

Then make a hoop, twisting the ends of wire around each other to secure the circle.

Arrange the flowers:
Tape the ivy to the wire circle.
Add the roses and the berries, making sure that they all face outwards. Position them using the ends of the wires.

Alternate flowers, then berries, then ivy leaves.

Repeat until the entire circle is covered, taping as you go.

Cut off any extra wire.

Place on your model. Place the headdress on your model, ensuring the fit and comfort.


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