How to Make a Dress

Sep 10, 2015 5:39:42 PM
You couldn't afford? Or maybe you just dream of a beautiful dress and could never find it? Here are some basic tips on how to make your own dress, as well as links to specific articles with more detailed instructions on various tips and techniques for dressmakin

Method 1 of 3: Starting Your Dress

Choose your fabric. Any fabric can be used for a dress, although if it is your first time try working with an easy natural or cotton blend. Look for pretty fabrics that meet your color, pattern, and texture needs. Using silky or heavy fabrics are difficult to sew without a bit of practice. Additionally, choose a fabric that is thick enough that it won’t require two layers or a slip. You will need between 2–3 yards (1.8–2.7 m) of fabric total depending on your size and the length of the dress.

Try using a large oversized t-shirt as the base for your dress. These can be found in thrift stores or even in the back of your own closet.

Get creative with your fabric choice and try using a sheet or curtain as the fabric for your dress. You can thrift for pretty vintage versions of these fabrics if you don’t have any at home you’re willing to cut up.

Wash the fabric. To remove any wrinkles or stains and to pinterest preshrink fabric before sewing it is important to wash your fabric. After washing and drying, use an iron to smooth it out and prepare it for sewing.

Select a pattern. Dresses are one of the more complicated projects to start with, and are easiest when made using a dress pattern. Patterns are the specific measurements and shapes the different parts of your dress will need to be cut in. These are available for free or for a small price online or in fabric/craft stores. Choose a pattern that is the style and shape you would like, in the correct size for your body type.

Make a faux-pattern. If you don’t want to use a dress pattern to make your dress, you can create a mock pattern by using a dress you already own. Find a dress you like and that fits you well, and use the outline of this to create your pattern. Your final dress will be in the same style of the dress you used to trace.

Take your measurements. If you are using a dress pattern, follow the guide to take your measurements with a soft tape measure. To create a dress using another dress as the pattern, fold it in half lengthwise. Place it over your fabric (also folded lengthwise) and trace around the outside. You can change the hodressau  total length of your dress using either a pattern or your own measurements by measuring from formal dress australia your hips to the desired end point, and making this alteration to your fabric.

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