Jul 24, 2015 2:05:49 PM

Nothing is better than sleeping in on Saturday morning with a cup of coffee in one hand and a piece of banana bread in the other. Plan your beautiful outfits for your all important weekend festivities. Nothing to wear, even if you have a closet so full that you have all the smooching your clothes. We know the feeling, and we have the perfect weekend deliveries for you!
Ready to race.
It's winter and that means the race season. A day with champagne, fine clothes and an innocent bet here and there filled. Be in one of our many magicians ready race day. Regardless of the color or shape, we are assured of a hat to match it have your dress.

Silk Cocktail Dresses
Picnic ready.
Have a picnic in the park this Sunday in our overly nice hook back maxi dress. With a crochet back wall and soft cotton jersey so it's comfortable to wear. Available in navy or black, as you can not go wrong.

Date Finish.
Go on a hot day in the Super adorable Milly cocktail dress. Dialing with two different colors of navy or beige. Milly has a fitted sweetheart bodice and tulle soft pattern of this cocktail dress is the definition of understated elegance. Your appointment will drop dead if he sees you!

Cocktail Dresses
What are your weekend brackets? let us know!

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