The Benefits of Designing Your Own Wedding or Engagement Ring

Jul 21, 2015 1:42:54 PM

 Here are just a few reasons why designing your own ring is a really appealing option.

1)    Unique design. This is probably the most attractive reason for designing your own ring; you can guarantee that no-one else in the world will have one quite like it! When you set about creating your own ring, you can tailor it exactly to your unique tastes and make it completely personal to you.


2)    No compromise. Sometimes, when you’re picking a pre-made ring in store, a bit of compromise might be needed. However, when you customize your ring, there’s no compromise involved. You get to have it made exactly how you want it.

3)    Exciting process. There’s something really special about the whole process of making a ring. You’ll be involved every step of the way, from initial designs right through to the final try-ons.


4)    The right stone. If you’ve got a particular stone in mind, with a particular cut or color, you’ve got the ability to choose the exact gemstone to suit you, rather than settling for one that’s ‘close enough’. Of course, you can also choose the perfect setting to complement it, plus other gemstones flanking it if you want.

5)    Cost-effective. It’s a common misconception that customized rings are prohibitively expensive. In actual fact, much like any other ring, it very much depends on what you want! An additional advantage of designing a ring is that you’re able to allocate your budget where you want to. For example, if you pick an expensive bridesmaid dresses, you can then reduce costs by choosing a cheaper band.

By Gardiner Nicole

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