How to find the perfect wedding dress

Jul 9, 2015 12:37:31 PM
Find the Kindest Cut for Your Figure.Even though we ladies come in every size and shape, many of us face similar figure challenges when trying to find our dream dress. Find your match-up below and see what the pros suggest…

If you’re pear shaped, want to conceal a not-so-flat tummy, or have full hips and thighs… “The best cut to look for when trying to cover this areais something with a natural waist such as soft Aline skirt or ball gown, which gives anamazing fit in the upper torso area while hiding anything from the waist down,” according to Francesca.This structured bodice not only shows off a fabulous upper-half, the A line skirt conceals a larger bottom creating the illusion of a more proportional silhouette.

If you’re tall or especially slender… Look for something with a simple and silhouette. Column dresses with a nipped waist are a nice choice. Just be sure to avoid anything that is overly embellished as these dresses can come off askitschy on a taller frame.The wrapped bodice, draped waist and slit-open back provide detail in the actual construction of the dress as opposed to beading or other embellishments.If you don’t have curves or have an athletic build… Look for a silky gownthat’s cut on the bias with a trumpet skirt. The combination of the curvedside seams and the flared bottom will provide you with a sultry silhouette.Pitera also ecommends mermaid style gowns as they will add shape and curves.”

The combination of angles at the necklace, waist and just below the hips will create the illusion of an hourglass figure.Planning a wedding? Take a peek at this helpful Wedding Planning Timeline.

If you’re petite… Most styles work, however it’s best to look for something that hits above your natural waistin order to create the illusion of an elongated stature.

Francesca suggests an empire cut. Another insider tip to keep in mind: Embellishments should be justas tin as you are—big bows and adornments will overwhelm your small build.Embrace your inner fairy princess and go for an Aline skirted ball gown where the waist nips in atthe midsection of your ribcage.

By Gardiner Nicole

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