15 Modern Wedding Hairstyles That Will Show off Your Curls

Aug 4, 2015 1:43:15 PM
It’s poufy, unruly, and was the source of much middle school taunting. Having grown up before Google, my formative years were spent making every mistake a curly-haired girl can make, from overdosing on gel (I’m Italian) to that time I chemically relaxed my ultra-fine hair with drugstore relaxer. But however much I fought my curls on a daily basis, I really resented them when it came time for updos, particularly the mid-to-late-nineties kind with all the wispy tendrils hanging down. As I’ve gotten formal dresses australia, I’ve grown tired of pretending my hair is something it’s not. (Well, at least in this category. It’s obviously not naturally purple or anything.)

The only problem? While I might be more comfortable with my curls these days, there is still little available for curly-haired women in the way of updos. Most of the bridal hairstyles you’ll see on Pinterest involve a hairdryer, curling iron, or straightener in some capacity or another. Even the ones featuring curly styles usually involve a blowout and re-curling the hair to make it more “manageable.” And while that might work fine for some folks (my hair actually takes well to heat), for those with the kind of curly hair that becomes a disaster in the presence of a blow-dryer, the Internet is a lonely place. So today, in partnership with Pantene and their Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner, we’re bringing you fifteen wedding hairstyles (with accompanying tutorials) that prove your curly hair is awesome just the way it is.

As part of my curly hair acceptance, I recently switched to a mostly conditioner routine for my hair, and it’s been a game-changer. I wash it maybe once a week, and then condition it every time I get my hair wet. Since my hair is currently bleached six ways from Sunday, I’ve been using a really expensive salon conditioner for the past year or so, but Pantene gave me a few bottles of the Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner to try out before writing this post, and it’s actually one of the short formal dresses conditioners I’ve tried yet (and I’ve tried a lot of conditioners).

While most drugstore conditioners usually leave my hear really frizzy, the Daily Moisture Renewal Conditioner was much more hydrating and left my hair super soft and manageable, even on shampoo day. If you’re thinking of switching to a mostly or all-conditioner routine, here are a few things I’ve learned so far (your mileage may vary. I’ve got super fine hair and curls that refuse to hold any shape, but there is a ton of of information online for managing curly hair. Google is your friend here).
Leave a little conditioner in your hair when you shower. It makes my hair soft, and weighs it down just enough to help combat frizz.
Even if I’m not washing my hair, I need to condition it every time I get it wet. This was a surprise to me, but my hair is cleaner and less greasy when I use conditioner alone than when I take a shower and put nothing in my hair at all.
The same goes for styling products. I always assumed that the more product I put in, the grosser my hair would get throughout the week. But often, if I make sure my hair is good and moisturized first, it ends up producing less oil, and as a result is more balanced.

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